TeamPulse R1 2013 (AKA, Awesomesauce Edition)


Last week, we took the wraps off the R1 2013 release of TeamPulse, our agile project management solution for software development teams. This release represents a significant update since - among other things - it features a killer new HTML5-based interface. In short, this was my reaction to seeing this new interface:


For a rundown of the latest & greatest goodness that's been added to TeamPulse, make sure to read Yordan Dimitrov's (excellent) overview: TeamPulse R1 2013 is Here - New Look, New Features.

At a high level, TeamPulse helps you manage requirements and bugs, plan releases and track progress while keeping your team constantly connected.

A big challenge of understanding the how a solution works is getting your hands dirty and/or watching others do that for you (AKA, a demo). The good news is that we provide both with TeamPulse.

To get your hands dirty, you have a two options: get a hosted instance up & running or download the bits to run on-premise. For either option, your starting point is here:

If you're more interested in watching a demo or two, our team has published a number of great videos that summarize the newest features that have been added to our R1 2013 release:

Take a few minutes and go check out TeamPulse. There's a lot of awesomesauce in there. If anything, check out the new digs (i.e. our HTML5 interface). It's a mind-scrambler.