Achilles Update: Elevation Nation

Working away on my sofa with my left leg propped up at a 45° angle, I can't help but wonder how many others in the world are stuck in a similar position. It seems like I've been like this forever and it's been only six days since my injury!

Elevation is used to help reduce swelling of the injured area and to promote healing. However, there's a limit to the amount of elevation I'm prepared to do. At this point, my cast is pressing into the back of my calf, which is starting to make it feel slightly bruised. (I can't tell if there is a bruise at this point.)

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see my orthopaedic surgeon and to have my cast cut and re-applied. I'll insist of having a MRI at that time. I want to be absolutely certain that my treatment is correct and that surgery isn't an option. Sadly, my gut tells me otherwise. I suspect that I have a complete rupture and that surgery will be necessary. This is based on the fact that when I drop my leg from an elevated position, I usually experience a significant amount of pressure applied to the area just above my heal. This is the area where a few of the doctors I met (prior to the orthopaedic surgeon) had mentioned that they could feel a noticeable depression. I realize that this isn't a sign of a complete rupture. However, coupled with the pressure I sometimes feel near the the heal of my foot, I can't help but wonder if the orthopaedic surgeon got his initial assessment wrong.