Achilles Update: Weird MRI Scans

Earlier today, I had MRI scans on my ATR in order to determine if I required surgery. After the scans were finished, the technician entered the room and said, "Well, it definitely looks broken." Bad news, I suppose. However, I can't say I'm surprized - especially when your instincts scream "COMPLETE RUPTURE! SURGERY NEEDED!"

As I left Diagnostic Imaging, I requested a copy of the MRI scans. When I got back, I eagerly fired up my laptop and loaded the CD containing these scans. Sadly, it looks like the technician didn't do a very good job:

I'm not a doctor but I think the Achilles tendon is a lot higher than this!

My othropaedic surgeon has asked me to drop by the hospital tomorrow morning. I have a suspect he'll request another MRI scan.