TechDays Defy All Challenges: 24 Hours of Developer Goodness

Later this week, the folks who run the site, will host a 24-hour virtual event, featuring 95 live sessions (!) available both live or on-demand. Earlier today, I checked out the list of available sessions and was impressed by the developer-specific sessions that are being covered.

The event sessions are broken down into one of five tracks:

  • Windows Development and Frameworks
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Office and SharePoint Development
  • Developer Tools, Languages and Practices
  • Web Development and User Experience

You can register for this event by visiting the site,

Canadian developer and all-around nice guy, Marco Shaw is one of the presenters for this event. He’ll be delivering a presentation entitled, “Scripting the Microsoft .NET Framework Using Windows PowerShell”. Here’s the abstract:

Now that PowerShell is part of the Microsoft Common Engineering Criteria, expect to see more and more PowerShell in Microsoft server products. This session looks at how PowerShell can be used to directly access the .NET Framework. Some simple examples are demonstrated, but also more advanced examples of using Windows Presentation Foundation (.NET 3.0) and LINQ (.NET 3.5) are discussed.

As a fellow Canadian, I am asking all of you to register for this event and attend Marco’s session. I want his to be the most heavily-attended session for this event. Let’s show our Canadian pride and support our fellow Canuck! And who knows? You may learn something about [PowerShell] (an amazing technology, by the way).