Scenes from DemoCamp Calgary 18

Last night, DemoCamp Calgary 18 hosted over 100 people from in and around the Calgary area at SeVen RestoLounge for an evening of networking, beers and demos:

If you haven’t heard of DemoCamp before, it’s a pretty awesome event. The best way to describe it is a lightweight gathering of folks in the startup/tech community to network and see demos. Of course, it’s a little more than this. If there’s a DemoCamp in your community, I’d strongly recommend that you get involved!

Of course, we try our best to incorporate social media / networking wherever and whenever it’s appropriate:

At this point, you might be thinking: “Hey, John! I thought you said that absolutely NO PowerPoint was allowed!” Well, that’s true so David Gluzman (@d4v) made a compromise and used angle brackets instead (e.g. HTML).

For one of the first times at DemoCamp Calgary, we had so many folks doing demos that Patrick Lor needed to keep everything written down to remember them all!

The mega-talented and fearless community agent-of-change, Sarah Blue (@superblue) had a boat-load of announcements to share with attendees at DemoCamp Calgary 18:

First up was Suzanne Boss with a presentation on Calgary 2012:

From the site description for Calgary 2012:

Help gather ideas for a year long celebration of culture in Calgary. The year 2012 marks a big year for us and to do it in style, we'd like to acknowledge our cultural history, celebrate our current achievements and leave an impressive legacy. You can submit an idea for something you've really admired in another city or share one that you've imagined on your own.

Quickly after Suzanne, Michelle Sklar (@michelle_sklar) from Poynt delivered a quick demo of its mobile offering:

Up next were Leigh McDonald (@lemd), Bryan Maniotakis (@bryanmanio), and Sam Lu (@senmu) from Mediumrare with a presentation on Next Stop, an iPhone application described by its creators as “the quickest and easiest way to check your Calgary Transit bus and train times”:

Leigh McDonald (@lemd) from Mediumrare demo-ing Next Stop

Another interesting demo was by Tys von Gaza, a software developer from Clio:

Tys von Gaza (@tvongaza) from Clio

Clio provides a web-based practice management solution for sole practitioners and small firms.

After these presentations, we were treated to demos from the following folks:

Overall, we had a great time and it was a great start to the DemoCamp season!

We’d like to thank all you who attended and we’re looking forward to the next one! Speaking of which, we’re already discussing the date for our next “activity” so make sure to stay tuned to the DemoCamp Calgary site for any/all future announcements: