Developers in Canada You Should Follow on Twitter

Earlier today, David Yardy (@dyardy) sent me the following tweet:

As a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Canada, I want to make sure that I’m staying on top of what’s happening in the Canadian technical community. To do this, I leverage a variety of events, sites, and tools. Among these, of course, is Twitter. (Follow me! I’m @jbristowe!) Here’s a list of some of thedevelopers in Canada that I follow (and so should you):

This list is, by no means, exhaustive; I’m sure I’ve missed a few folks. However, I think this list demonstrates the connected-ness of our technical community. The bottom line is this: We have an awesome developer community in Canada. We have extremely talented individuals, working hard to build software that can change the world.

Outside of Twitter, there are a number of great places where my team and I stay connected - both in-person and online - with the Canadian technical community. These include TechDays (on now!), EnergizeIT (coming soon!), our Ignite Your Coding webcast series (coming soon!) our vibrant user group community, various groups on Facebook, the Ignite Your Coding LinkedIn group, theMSDN Flash newsletter, and, of course, this blog.

See you online!