Scott Hanselman: "I am Diabetic. Here's how it works."

Please watch this video:

From the video:

I'm 36 years old and I can handle this. I didn't say that it was fun but I can handle it. But imagine if you were seven or nine months old or three and you had to do something like this. Whether it's pricking your finger ten times a day; taking shots; or it's a whole bunch of tubing and wires - twenty-four hours a day. We do it because we want to live. We do it because we want to live for our kids and to be around for a long time but it's no fun.

Before watching Scott's video, I was never fully aware just how much time, effort, and pain is endured by individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes; I never truly appreciated the extent to which people living with Type 1 Diabetes must go in order to keep their blood glucose in-check.

Type 1 Diabetes is a really shitty deal. That's why folks like Scott are trying to raise money for Diabetes research so that someday - with hope and with your help - people affected by Diabetes won't have to go through what Scott does each and every day of his life.

Please give.