Windows Azure Boot Camp in Calgary on October 2nd!

Creative Commons photo by Oli-Oviyan. Click the photo to see the original.

Inspired by the supremely-talented R. Lee Ermey:

Listen up Cloud Cadets! On October 2nd, Noel Tan from the Calgary PASS Chapter will host a Windows Azure Boot Camp! The purpose of this FREE boot camp is simple: To bring you up-to-speed on developing for Windows Azure, Microsoft’s flexible cloud–computing platform that lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs.

Need the crash course on Windows Azure in about four minutes? Then watch this video:

You will join your fellow Cloud Cadets at the Annex Theatre at Nexen (801 - 7the Avenue SW) promptly at zero-nine-hundred on October 2nd! That’s 9:00 AM for those of you just joining us. You will show up on-time and ready to learn! Joining Noel for this great boot camp will be the one-and-only Scott Klein, a SQL Server MVP and managing partner of Blue Syntax. Scott will teach you how to develop for Windows Azure through hands-on learning with tools like Visual Studio 2010. He will show you what’s possible with Windows Azure, empowering you to apply what you’ll learn immediately! Here is the agenda for this event:

  • 9:00 AM - Sponsor Presentation
  • 9:10 AM - Feature Presentation: Windows Azure Boot Camp
  • 12:00 PM - FREE Lunch by Ideaca
  • 1:00 PM - Feature Presentation: Windows Azure Boot Camp
  • 4:30 PM - Q&A
  • 4:45 PM - Prizes/Giveaways
  • 4:55 PM - Wrap up

Very important: Make sure to bring your laptop with the necessary tools installed so you can follow along. For more detailed information on this event, make sure to check out the Calgary PASS Chapter site.

Lastly, yet most importantly, you and your fellow Cloud Cadets will register by visiting the following link: Remember: Registration is essential so take five minutes and sign up NOW. Tell your friends and your co-workers. Better yet, bring them out!

Now, drop and give me 20 instances!