Over $4300 Raised for User Groups through the Azure Community Promotion!

Developers: Don’t forget to check out Essential Resources for Getting Started with Windows Azure for links to podcasts, tools, videos, whitepapers, SDKs and much more!

In conversations with UG leads across Canada, we heard clearly that the cloud represents so many opportunities for organizations, developers and IT professionals. After listening to this feedback, through these conversations and others from TechDays, we decided we needed to do something that drives awareness and helps grow skills. That something turned out to be the Azure Community Promotion.

Launched in December of last year, the Azure Community Promotion provides a means for user group community members to give back while growing their skills learning Windows Azure. For each individual that took the time to grow their skills and shared their experience, we committed to donating $25 to their user group and also send the individual a $25 gift card. There was no limit on how many user group members could participate but all validation screenshots needed to be submitted tocdnazure@microsoft.com by Dec 31st.

Before the promotion ended, John Oxley stated in a blog post that he wanted to see us reach a goal of over $3000 by December 31st! Well, you did it! Through your efforts and on behalf of your user groups a total of $4325 was raised from over 170 submissions benefitting 28 user groups across the country!

Who’s awesome? You’re awesome!

What makes this result even more special is that everyone contributed at a time when family and spending time with loved ones are especially important. The fact that many of you also chose to give back to the community and assist your local user group just shows how when we work together we can achieve so much to the benefit of many. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every individual who took the time to try Azure and deploy an application.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out gift cards to those who submitted an Azure application as part of the promotion. We will also be contacting each of the user group leads whose groups benefited from the promotion and who were so instrumental in getting the message out to their membership and soliciting everyone’s participation to help raise some always welcome additional funds to the group.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and for raising $4325 for user groups across Canada!