DDD Brisbane 2011

DDD Brisbane 2011

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! events (DDD, for short) are non-profit community events organized by developers interested in improving the collective knowledge of their communities. They originally got started in [place] and have grown into a large organization of events conducted around the world.

As for the inspiration for its name, well, you decide:

Developers! Developers! Developers!

Last weekend, I attended DDD Brisbane and had a great time. It was great seeing the city of Brisbane along with members of its developer community.

Brisbane Riverfront

This was my first visit to the state’s capital. The last time I was in the area was back in 1999 when I was a starving backpacker. My friends and I had rented a car and were driving along the eastern coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns (approximately 3550 km). We had decided to skip Brisbane in favour for Hervey Bay. Upon retrospect, we should have stopped in Brisbane because I really like it. But, I digress.

For the event, I felt compelled to wear my rockin’ Canadian HTML5 Coat of Arms shirt:

Canadian HTML5 Coat of Arms T-Shirt

By the way, please feel free to grab the Creative Commons attributed logo from my blog. It’s available both in PNG and SVG. Go nuts.

DDD Brisbane featured two tracks: Web and Mix. Both tracks had excellent presentations, covering a wide variety of topics. Of the sessions that I attended, I found Jared Wyles’ presentation on jQuery internals particularly interesting for two reasons: (1) it reinforced some of the things about jQuery I knew about but had forgotten and (2) it reminded me just how wrong my JavaScript can be at times.

Jared Wyles

During his presentation, Jared did a good job of keeping everyone up-to-speed on jQuery internals. For example, he highlighted Sizzle, jQuery’s selector engine, and demonstrated some of its limitations for around things like wildcard matching and element selection. Jared also highlights a series of common patterns that are implemented across jQuery. Many of these patterns (by the way) were highlighted by Paul Irish in a couple of videos he published back-in-the-day:

10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source by Paul Irish
11 More Things I Learned from the jQuery Source by Paul Irish

Prior to arriving in Brisbane, the conference organizer – Damian Brady – informed me that one of the speakers wasn’t able to present so I was able to jump in and deliver a presentation on Kendo UI:

All in all, I had a great time. DDD Brisbane was an awesome event and I can’t wait to wait the fine folks in BrisVegas again soon.

Edit (1/12/2011): My apologies. I forgot to attribute the photos. They were taken by Bronwen Zande (@bronwenz). (Thanks, Bronwen!) You can check them out here.