See You at MIX!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of MIX. It’s our super-awesome conference that brings together web developers, designers and builders under one roof. MIX also a community site with articles and labs showcasing what’s possible on the web.

Once again, MIX is coming to Las Vegas! It will occur on April 12-14 and will feature some of the top web developers and designers in the world, speaking about a wide range of topics including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and more.

This year, I’ll be delivering a session entitled, “Adding the Awesomesauce Flavor with Internet Explorer 9 Pinned Sites”:

By now, you’ve heard about pinned sites in Internet Explorer 9. And, you’ve probably even used them yourself. But, did you know that this feature can help increase site visits and engagements by as much as 50%? In this session, you’ll hear stories of Pinned Site implementations by some of the most popular websites on the web today. You’ll also discover how to support pinned sites with a few lines of markup. Finally, you’ll learn best practices that will help you deliver an awesome experience to your visitors.

See you at MIX!