Adding the Awesomesauce Flavor with IE9 Pinned Sites

Last week at MIX11, I delivered a mini-session presentation on pinned sites, covering both the technical and non-technical aspects of this ability in IE9. The purpose of this talk was three-fold: (1) educate folks on what IE9 pinned sites are and how they work; (2) show folks how easy it is to pin sites via meta tags and JavaScript APIs we provide in IE9; and (3) encourage folks to start pinning their sites today. Additionally, I wanted to share some of the data some of our partners have collected around their implementations. As it turns out, many sites are seeing very real benefits to implementing this feature. Overall, these partners are seeing that visitors who use IE9 are coming back to their sites more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Here’s a recording of my mini-session delivered at MIX11:

Here’s the slides from my presentation:

Lots of great reasons to implement IE9 pinned sites. They’re great because they’re easy to implement, they don’t break the web, and they can deliver meaningful returns on your short investiment of time to incorporate them into your existing sites.