Developing High Quality Software Through Agile

Earlier today, I delivered a presentation to a group of Development Managers entitled, “Developing High Quality Software Through Agile”. The purpose of this talk was multifold, but essentially, I wanted folks to walk away with a solid understanding of our development tools when it comes to project planning and development.

Here was the abstract from my presentation:

Delivering high quality software is a risky undertaking. Development and Quality Assurance Managers are in a tight partnership over the war against software bugs. Software quality issues not only delay the time to market for a solution while increasing costs, but they also delay the subsequent benefits to the business. In a business world of increasing focus on compliance and control, Development and QA Managers must balance the need for agility against the reality of quality control. High quality software is the outcome of applying the combination of sound methodologies, best practices and supportive tooling. 

This session will outline how to deliver high quality software through Agile and will demonstrate how to apply its practices to your projects and having them supported through tools like Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

This presentation was one of three that comprised the AlignIT Tour, an annual event that my team and I help organize and run across Canada. Its purpose is to engage in a conversation around IT topics with both IT and developer managers.

In miss you missed it, here’s the recording my presentation:

Here’s the presentation I delivered: