MSDN Update: 'Tis the Season of Conferences!

This week, Microsoft TechEd 2011 is happening down in Atlanta and the good news is that the breakout sessions have been recorded and posted online! Simply visit to theTechEd 2011 page on Channel 9 to download or stream these sessions directly to your browser. Some of my favourite sessions so far include A Lap around Microsoft Silverlight 5 by Pete Brown, Advanced Programming Patterns for Windows 7by Kate Gregory, and An Overview of the Microsoft Web Stack by Scott Hanselman. Of course, watching them is an investment in your time but you’ll be glad that you did. The breakout sessions from TechEd are always great and the best part is that you’ll be supporting your skills by taking time out to reinforce a concept or perhaps learn something new. Make sure to check it out!

Speaking of conferences, have you registered for DevTeach yet? Register today if you’re looking for an excuse to spend time with awesome speakers and members of the developer community in beautiful Montreal! The conference will run from May 30th to June 3rd along with pre- and post-conference workshops, featuring some of the top speakers in Canada and the USA! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to improve your skills and have some great conversations with developers at DevTeach .

Another conference I’d highly recommend is Prairie Dev Con on June 13th and 14th in Regina. This event will feature more than 30 presenters and over 60 sessions on topics and technologies that developers are using today. The event will also feature a special appearance by members of the Channel 9 team, Jeff Sandquist and Duncan Mackenzie , who will deliver a special keynote address to the audience. Join us in the heart of Saskatchewan for two days of learning with fellow members of the western Canadian developer community. Register today!

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Go Canucks Go!