Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011 is Here!

If you’ve ever found yourself challenged with building data-centric business applications quickly, here’s some excellent news: Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is here!

Visual Studio Lightswitch is the simplest way to create data-centric business applications for the desktop and the cloud. Lightswitch is a visual development environment designed to help you create these applications quickly. By handling the generation of code and user interface, Lightswitch allows you to focus on what you know - your business. Lightswitch is a tool that’s flexible to your needs, allowing you to add custom code, controls and validation where you see fit. It features an extensibility model that enables Lightswitch applications to be augmented by third-party solutions. It also allows you adjust the deployment model of your applications, giving you the advantage of quick portability to accommodate changing requirements. All in all, Lightswitch provides a streamlined environment for quickly building and maintaining your data-centric business applications.

For more information about Lightswitch, make sure to check out the Lightswitch Developer Center where you can download a free, 90-day trial, watch instructional videos, download starter kits, install extensions, get training, and ask questions. You can also join the conversation online by following the Lightswitch team, @vslightswitch.