The Next Step in Life's Journey

In the time-honoured tradition of life-changing moments accompanied by a personal blog post, this one is mine.

Ever since my wife and I have been together, we have discussed the idea of relocating overseas; preferably, to a country with a climate that suits our preferred lifestyle. Once we had a family, this topic of conversation came up more frequently. Overall, we felt that it would be difficult to us to move once our children were in school. If we were ever going to relocate, now would be the time.

That stated, my wife and I have decided to follow our dream by moving to Australia

My wife and I had talked many times about relocating to Australia. My wife is originally from New Zealand and I had previously lived in Melbourne for nearly three years. During my time there, I fell deeply in love with the country and its culture. I remember feeling very comfortable there. To me, Australia is very similar to Canada (i.e. Commonwealth background), except it’s much warmer.


If you read the description about Australia by the Canada’s Centre for Intercultural Learning, I think you’ll find that Canada and Australia have much in common from a cultural perspective. Of course, both countries suffer from its share of stereotypes:


Needless to say, these stereotypes aren’t entirely accurate.

My wife and I will miss Canada a great deal, especially our friends and family. However, we see this move as the next step in our life together and we’re tremendously excited about our future overseas.

It is our goal to be settled in Sydney later this year. That stated, my last day at Microsoft Canada will be September 16, 2011. At this point, I’m not yet ready to disclose details about my next endeavour but rest assured, I’ll still be heavily-involved with the Microsoft development stack and the technical community.