Web Performance and Scenes from WDYK Melbourne (August 2012)

Last Thursday, I attended What Do You Know (WDYK) Melbourne at The Apartment. WDYK is the brain-child of John Allsopp; somewhat akin to DemoCamp in that it features 5-minute presentations (with PowerPoint!) that highlight the speakers' knowledge on a particular topic. This was my second time at WDYK, having spoken at WDYK Sydney on the topic of CSS3 box-shadows.

I was lucky to make it to WDYK Melbourne at all. The weather wasn't doing me any favours. This was the scene as I left for the event from my house:

Ah, Melbourne in the springtime!

Ah, Melbourne in the springtime!

Before getting into the details, allow me to state that I thought WDYK Melbourne was a hit. I mean, there must have been over 150 people at the event. Everyone was super-nice and engaged. It was great to see and it's a testiment to John Allsopp and his crew. In the words of Kent Brockman, "I, for one, welcome to new event organizing overlords..."

For WDYK Melbourne, I decided to share some interesting sites and stats relating to web performance. Since my earliest days hacking on angle brackets and script, I've been incredibly in making my web pages fast.

Recently, I've noticed a few trends on the HTTP Archive that are somewhat concerning. As the amount of bandwidth consumed by pages is steadly increasing, Google Page Speed scores are heading down. Also, there's a large percentage of sites that don't leverage some basic optimizations like caching.

Anyway, I decided it would be a good idea to expose this to the audience at WDYK Melbourne in order to set the stage for some helpful sites and tools. These include:

It's hard to get everything highlighted in a 5-minute presentation.

I also took a few photos at the event:

All-in-all, it was an awesome event. I can't wait for the next one.

If you're in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, you owe it to yourself to get involved. Get out and attend! Or, better yet, raise your hand and share what you know with members of the developer community.