MelbJS and Web Directions Code 2013

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of returning back to Batmania (Melbourne) for MelbJS and Web Directions Code 2013. Both events were fantastic and I had a wonderful time connecting with attendees, chatting with them about Kendo UI.

tl/dr: Two awesome events where we (Cameron Marsland and I) were able to connect with the web developer community. Lots of interest around Kendo UI. Great times all around


MelbJS is a prominent user group for JavaScript developers in Melbourne. It features presentations on a monthly basis from local speakers, highlighting a number of topics as they relate to JavaScript and web developer in-general.

The evening's event featured a number of talks by speakers at Web Directions Code. With 100+ attendees, it was a huge turnout for MelbJS and it was great to see!

While at MelbJS, I got a chance to speak to a number of developers about Kendo UI. There were a lot of questions to answer. In particular, I fielded a lot of questions about Kendo UI DataViz, our visualization library for SVG-based charts and graphs.

All in all, I had a great time. I (heart) MelbJS.

Like most house parties, the most popular room was the kitchen

Web Directions Code 2013

As the conference states, Web Directions Code is "for web professionals like you who care about code two days of intense learning, connecting and geeking out". In short, a web developer love-fest.

Web Code Directions 2013

For this year's event, 300 web developers were in attendance from across Australia; 20% higher attendance than Web Directions Code 2012. (Well done, Web Directions organisers!)

Web Directions Code 2013 at Melbourne City Hall

Web Directions Code 2013 featured many prominent speakers from Australia and overseas as evidenced by the conference schedule. If you were unable to attend, you can check out the presentations:

The presentation that stole the show was Steven Wittens' talk entitled, "Making Things With Maths". So impressed I was with his delivery and timing, I tweeted the following:

You can check out Steven's slides (linked above) but to appreciate the epicness of his presentation, you should check out a recording of his talk from Full Frontal 2012:

It was good to be back in Melbourne, my former hometown from 1999-2002. The sights, the smells, the colours. All of it combines into this magical city. Of course, some sights are more interesting than others:

Meanwhile, at the same venue at Web Directions Code 2013...

Being in Melbourne with my colleague (Cameron Marsland) did give me the opportunity to show him around. One of my favourite spots for a bite to eat is Supper Inn in Chinatown:

Supper Inn, Chinatown Melbourne

Which, in turn, led to this at Berlin Bar:

Drinks at Berlin Bar (Melbourne)

Good times all around.

To the next adventure!