A Few Reasons Why You Should Attend APJ Spark

Later this month, I'll be travelling over to Perth for the APJ Progress Spark Conference.

What is the APJ Progress Spark Conference, you ask? It's a free, 3-day action-packed event full of technical sessions and hands-on workshops, highlighting the latest solutions from both Progress Software and Telerik. We'll have some of our best and brightest from across the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating what's possible with our software and answering your questions. You'll see technologies like OpenEdge, Telerik Platform, Sitefinity, and more! We also have a number of external speakers joining us, delivering presentations on important application development topics such as cross-platform mobile development, IoT, and security.

A few days ago, we published the agenda for the conference. Rather than going through each and every session, I thought highlight just a few to provide a taste of what to expect:

Cross-Platform Mobile Development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

We kick things off with the lovely and vivacious Tommy-Carlos Williams. Tommy's great; he really knows his stuff. I've dubbed him "the Greatest PhoneGap Developer in the Southern Hemisphere". Tommy will be delivering a presentation on how to target mobile platforms with tools like Apache Cordova, Telerik AppBuilder, and Telerik ScreenBuilder. If you're keen to see what's possible in the world of hybrid mobile app development, you'll definitely want to see this session.


Putting Your Things on the Internet

Connected devices are everywhere these days. Even fridges have IP addresses, for crying out load. Getting these devices online and connected through to your applications is critical to play in this brave new world - otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT). That's where Microsoft Australia's own, Andrew Coates comes in. He'll be delivering a very cool session that showcasing some amazing things being done at Microsoft around connected devices. He'll show you just how simple it is to integrate them into new and existing applications. It will be a cracker!

Hack to the Future

Troy Hunt's presentations are scarey to watch. Why? Because he's great at showing where vulnerabilities may lurk in your applications. But don't worry; Troy will be here to help us understand how you can protect yourself against the bad guys. In his session, you'll see how tools like Telerik Fiddler can help you detect what your application is transmitting "along the wire". He'll also share a number of tips and tricks that you can apply to guard yourself against a number of attack vectors. Bring your popcorn because this session is going to be fun to watch!

Project Feather: Develop Rich User Experiences with MVC and Sitefinity CMS

We have Bulgaria's own, Peter Marinov joining us in Perth to talk to us about Project Feather, the awesomesauce of Sitefinity site development with ASP.NET MVC. I'm really excited to see this session because we've put a boat-load of work into Project Feather. It's a great project because it gives you back the control you've been after when building against Sitefinity.

In addition to these sessions, we'll also have a 3-hour workshop where you'll see a soup-to-nuts walkthrough of Sitefinity and Telerik Platform. I like to think of these two solutions as Telerik's peanut butter and chocolate combination. They're simply awesome. If you're looking for a way to get online with a site and make your content available to a rich, immersive mobile application then look no further. This workshop will have you covered.

That's just a small sampling of what you can expect to see at the APJ Progress Spark Conference in Perth on April 21-23. Why not register and join us? Did I mention it's a free event? I did? Okay, cool.

I'll see you there!